Semi Permanent Eyelash Extentions

I am a MASTER lash artitist and international competitor, having had extensive training from some of the top educators in the world including Francesca Middleton and Loreta Jasilionyte


 Eyelashes give definition to the eyes. Well defined lashes help emphasise the eyes and balance facial features. When eyelashes have extentions applied the eyes appear longer and the eyelashes appear curled, lifted and denser.


That means looking good 24/7 without the need to wear mascara, or additional make-up application.


Healthier eyelashes - Contrary to popular belief eyelash extensions when applied correctly are actually healthier for your eyelashes then using mascar and curlers. By having extensions your lashes will be allowed to grow naturally without being clogged up with mascara or pulled out when you clean your mascara off.


Save time - Eliminate the daily mascara routine and forget about having to think about having to think about wearing mascara again. wake up each morning and be ready to go!


Save money - Lash extensions may seem expensive, but for as little as a £1 a day you'll never have to worry about how you look and of course you never need to buy and other lash products ever again.


Eliminate 'clumpy' mascara - Have natural looking, longer and thicker lashes that never look 'clumpy' with bad mascara application.


Everyday Wear

Not blessed with gorgeous lashes? Prolonged use of mechanical eyelash curlers deteriorate the eyelashes as with daily applications and removel of mascara's. Have perfect lashes that remain curled, even when wet, all day every day.


Bridal Lashes

Weddings are a perfect time for eyelash extensions. Brides, mothers of the bride and groom as well as the bridal attendants love to wear eyelash extensions. It is a perfect occasion to have a perfect set of eyelashes. For brides there is an added benefit of enjoying them thoughout the honeymoon.


Holiday Carefree!

Whilst on holiday your beauty routine would be at a minimum. Lash extensions truly transform your face and give you a bright eyed, fresh look even when not wearing makeup! They are also waterproof so no more panda eyes from the pool!


Other special occasions include nights out where you want to give impact or a special occasion could also be a personal treat, just because!



No Fee Consultation Before Treatment

At the beginning of your appointment the first step before any treatment is to conduct a full consultation.  I will explain and answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of the treatments you would like.  I will also provide advise on looking after your eyelashes to ensure maximum longevity. Their is no extra charge for the consultation.  At the end of each treatment I also give all my clients an aftercare leaflet which I havecreated to explain how to care for your eyelashes, whether its a Tint, Perm or Eyelash Enhancements. Also available in the download section of my website.

Please also try not to wear eye make up on day of appointment especially not water proof mascara. Also contact lenses will need to be removed for treatments. 


All My Eyelash Treatments Include


Eyelash preparation consisting of,

Eye cleansing and oil removal to give optimum results.



Eyelash Extensions         Approx. 60 Mins - 120 Mins 

This is where individual eyelashes are glued onto each of your own eyelashes to create a longer, thicker and fuller look that almost every woman desires because more attractive eyelashes get noticed! They are so natural no-one would be able to guess who is wearing them and who is not!! 

Lashes are made from a soft and naturally curved synthetic material that looks identical to human lashes. The adhesive is formulated to create a permanent bond and it dries soft, remains flexible and bouncy causing absolutely no damage.

•long, beautiful and thick lashes without mascara

•so natural you won't even feel them

•permanent with touch ups every 2-3 weeks if required

•tear, swim and totally waterproof!! - No more panda eyes!!

The average growth cycle of an eyelash is 90 days so eyelashes will naturally drop out with your own eyelashes and you need to have infills. If you wish to have them removed DO NOT pull them off yourself you need them removing professionally otherwise you will damage your own eyelashes. 


Classic lash extensions are one extension to one natural lash. Perfect for providing length and generous thickness and curl effects.


Russian Volume lash extensions are where multipule extensons are created into a perfectly handmade fan and applied to one natural lash. Perfect for providing volume, curl and thickness.



*OFFER*  Half price set if you pre pay for 3 infills



Full Set of Classic Mascara Look Lash Extensions (aprox. 110-140 lashes per eye) - £75.00

Full Set of Classic Glamorous Lash Extensions (aprox. 150-200 lashes per eye) -                      £90.00

Full Set of 2D Russian Volume Natural Lash Extensions (aprox. 140-180 lashes per eye) -     £95.00

Full Set of 3 D- 4D Russian Volume Glamorous Look Lash Extensions (aprox. 300-400 lashes per eye) - £100.00

Full Set of 5D- 6D Russian Volume Dramatic Lash Extensions (aprox. 500-1000 lashes per eye) - £110.00



1h - £35

1h 20 min - £45

1h 30 min - £50

1h 40 min - £55


Over 1h 40 min will require a new set and charged accordingly


Lower  lashes - £20


Add coloured or glitter lashes for - £10

(Please discuss when booking)


Removal - £15


Removal with a new set - £10

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