Sculpted french nails with extended nail beds


Acrylic/ Gel Nail Enhancements



My Acrylic / Gel nails are lighter and thinner in appearance and more natural looking than most places. I also do minimum filling to the natural nail and use top quality products to avoid damage to the naturl nails.


 They can be worn without coloured nail polish and still look attractive and elegant.  Typically Acrylic and Gel nails will last for 2 to 3 weeks before requiring infill's.


My Nail enhancment systems are odourless.  The smell associated with Acrylic nails is considered by some to be unpleasant.


You can choose from several options;

Sculpting, which is where a form is applied under the free edge of your natural nail, and then the gel is placed on top to extend the nail.


Tip and Dip, a tip is applied to the natural nail, resin is applied and the nail is dipped in acrylic powder, this is a good option for short nails and are thin, strong and natural in appearance.


Overlay, the gel applied directly on top of your natural nails.  These can be a good choice when you are trying to grow your own nails. 


When you are ready to have the enhancments removed, you will need to book an appointment to have the procedure done.



No Fee Consultation Before Treatment


At the beginning of your appointment the first step before any treatment is to conduct a full consultation.  I will explain and answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of the treatments you would like.  I will also provide advise on looking after your nails to ensure maximum longevity. There is no extra charge for the consultation. 



Acrylic Dipping With Tips

(Short nails only)


Clear/ Colour Overlay - £28


Clear/ Colour with tips - £35


Tips with gel polish - £40




Maintenance/ Infill - £25+


Removal with Express Manicure - £15 





Sculpted Extensions


Clear/ Nude Overlay - £30


Clear/ Nude Sculpted Extensions - £40


Sculpted Extensions with gel polish - £45


Ombré/ Chrome/ Mermaid/ Baby boomer - £50


Encapsulated Glitter/ Art nails - £50


French with extended nail bed - £55


Sculpted Stillettos - £50+


Bespoke Designer Nails - £50+




Maintenance/ Infill - £30+


Removal with Express Manicure - £15 




Classic free hand art/ 3d gel/ acrylic - £5+ per nail


Hand painted Characters - £25+ per nail


Swarovski Crystals - 50p each/ £10 for full nail


* any maintenance or redesign must be within 4 weeks of the origanal set or previous maintenance.

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